Private Invstigator Tom Grant Theorizes

"Green cheese orbits the earth - and my beard, after one of my many midnight dairy smorgasbourds that usually last til around 3am, after I pass out from drinking too much buttermilk." -Tom Grant, PI

"The moon is made of green cheese.... mmmmmmmmm.... cheese. (Grant drifts off)"
World famous Private Investigator Tom Grant has come forth with a shocking new theory.

He has shown proof that the moon that orbits the earth is in fact made out of cheese. Though it's too early to know yet, he theorizes that this cheese is green in color.

Grant came to this conclusion after NASA refused to let him tag along on the next space mission. He quickly decided that they must have something to hide.

He backs up his theory with the following observation:

The moon is round. Big Macs are round. Big Macs have cheese on them. Thus, the moon must either be made out of hamburger or cheese.
Following an interview with a cow, Grant concluded that the moon is in fact NOT made out of hamburger- though it is quite possible that the hamburger is being manipulated by the cheese.

Grant feels that NASA's reluctance to agree with the theory indicates that they are also being manipulated by the cheese.

His theory has already been scrutinized- by a web site titled 'Antagonizing The Cheesy Moon Theory.'