dirt dirt dirt, she's a whore and a flirt

"More fun than making Easy Mac." -Melody Maker

"Surely one of the best albums you haven't heard." -Spin

"Mediocre and insulting. Why don't they make fun of, say, Richard Simmons?" -Bob Saget

Nuns On Parade

  1. Trailor Fetish
  2. Yum Yum (Dead Fetuses)
  3. Tounge My Cat
  4. Fuck You, Bob Saget (I Hate You)
  5. Love Kitten Lap Dance
  6. Chew, Katie
  7. The Wank Song
  8. Ampersand
  9. Life (Is An Egg Roll)
  10. Multitudinous (An Ode To Thom's Nipples)
  11. Lick Me
  12. Lots O'Lovin

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