Who are you?
My name is Katelynn Corrigan. I am 18 years old, and will be entering my second year at the Monsterrat College of Art in the fall. I am a Graphic Design major, but I also have interest in painting and printmaking.

Can you tell me more about your education plans?
As noted above, I am a student at the Monserrat College of Art, in Beverly Massachussets. It is a small school which mainly focuses on illustration and painting, but the graphic design department has seen a rennisance in recent years.
During my first year there, I took 'foundation' courses in general subjects such as 2D Design, Life Drawing and Painting. This fall I will begin my intensive graphic design studies, taking courses such as Graphic Design 1, Typography 1, and Photography 1.
I currently have a 3.68 (A-) GPA, and received 'Honors' (equivlent to Dean's List) both semesters of my freshman year.
I hope to have a chance to study at other schools through Montserrat's mobility programs. I would like to spend a semester in New York or LA at a larger school, and would like to take advantage of an opportunity to spend a semester abroad in Ireland.

What is your background with computer/graphic design?
I grew up computer literate, and have been using the internet in one form or another since the early 1990s. I discovered the World Wide Web in 1995, also around that time my father brought home a copy of Corel Draw and I learned about super fancy graphics programs.
Since my earliest days at a computer, I had been mainly interested in graphics programs: drawing pictures in Microsoft Windows' Paint program, and later making j-cards for my large collection of cassette mix tapes.
In 1998 I learned HTML and published my first website. I suddenly became aware of the many design/technology issues involved with designing for the web. Most of what I have learned has been through my own experiences, supplemented with books on the HTML language and online tutorials.
During my junior year of highschool I was in the school's first computer/graphic design class, and learned to use Adobe Illustrator. When I first started creating web sites in 1998, I used a freeware version of L-View Pro, mainly to convert files I had created in Paint. About two years ago I purchased JASC's Paint Shop Pro, and intend to upgrade my version in the very near future. I also have Adobe Photoshop and additional Illustrator experience from my Intro To Graphic Design/Tech Lab courses in college.


What does 'Grisette' mean?

gri*sette (noun)
[French, grisette, cheap unbleached cloth, from gris]
First appeared 1723
 1 : a young French working-class woman
 2 : a young woman combining part-time 
     prostitution with some other occupation
And how does that relate to a web design site? Not much at all. :o)

What kind of services do you offer?
Here's the laundry list:

  • General graphic design
  • Navigation design
  • Interface design
  • File management plans
  • Directory structure plans
  • Identity/logo creation
  • Entire site design
  • Graphics creation
  • Banner/ad creation
  • Typography
  • HTML coding
  • CSS (cascading style sheets) coding
  • Input form design (but NO CGI!)

Do you do CGI? Java??
No and no. I am not a programmer. I am a designer.


How much do you charge?
It depends. Honestly, it does. I don't charge by hour, rather, my rates are relative to the amount of work neccecary. I will charge more if I spend the majority of time creating logos, navigation systems, graphics etc rather than doing straight up coding. Here's some ballpark stuff:

  • 10 pages redesign/about 10 hours of work: $100
  • 10 pages from scrath/about 20 hours of work: $250
  • 2-4 banner ads/about 4 hours of work: $50
  • archive (text or images) design & coding/about 10 hours of work: $200
  • typography for existing site/about 10 hours of work: $100
  • CSS for existing site (clean up existing design)/about 5 hours of work: $50

How long does it usually take for you to design a site?
A good site design requires an involved process. Also, because I feel communications and agreements on ideas between myself and my clients is extremely important, the progress will seem gradual-- but you will definately see things as they grow. My work on Come As You Are-- a decent sized site with frames and a well developed graphics theme-- took about three weeks for me to finish.