Obituary Birthday
My pride and joy. I've run this Nirvana site since the summer of 1998, and it's evolved A LOT. The current version is focused on providing infomation in easy to understand but entertaining ways. The graphics are extremely simple and consistant, and aim to capture the dark allure the band has now.

Come As You Are
CAYA is a very old, well known Nirvana site. I've long admired and respected it, and jumped at the opportunity to give it a more sophisticated, current appearence.
The graphics are themed and simple, but long thought out and carefully exectued. I tried to use as few graphics as possible, and used linked style sheets so that Tim can change the site as he wishes without my having to make major changes in the design. This was also my first experience dealing with a client and their ideas and desires.

Alaskan Dirt
A joke. AD is a fake band made up of my friends from a Nirvana board on AOL.
The design is supposed to be funky, fun, and simple. Some of the people from the above mentioned message board have older computers and I wanted the site to look good for them. So I tried to keep it narrow and simple.

My dadist, artsy personal site. Extremely simple, it is mainly an experiment in graphics and CSS layers.


Ze Monsta intro page
This is the introduction page, leading off to some of my sites.
Fun with graphics, tables, and CSS. The fly is from a 'picture tube' that came with Paint Shop Pro.

This is a parody of Tom Grant's 'investigation' into the 'murder' of Kurt Cobain. Probably not of much interest unless you are a Nirvana fan with prior knowlege of Grant, his lifestyle, and the investigation.
The design is VERY very simple, I think it took about 15 minutes for me to coceive, write, and code the page. The quotes were suggested by a friend online at the time. The images were found with the help of Altavista's image search utility.

R.E.M. photo page
Created out of boredom, a wish to do something arty and abstract, and to put my growing collection of R.E.M. photos to use. Notice a trend with them?
Simple, abstract. A little mouse-over effect. Tables. Simple background.

Stipey photo page
More boredom, more pictures, and Michael Stipe's birthday, and oh, a desire to play with frames.
Also rather abstract. More complicated background picture, cut up and ressambled with the frames (you can't see it in the thumbnail). I was going to do something more elaborate with the images in the center frame... but I got lazy.